Bash is a fairly powerful language to program in and is also quite easy to start off with.

After all itaposs almost universally the shell youaposre going to see when you open up your terminal. That makes it extremely useful to get accustomed to.

Thereaposs some powerful commands in Bash that you may not be aware of though even if youaposre fairly seasoned with using the language. All of these commands can serve quite useful purposes though and can make the shell scripts you write cleaner more maintainable and just outright more powerful than they couldaposve been before.

The read command allows you to take input from a user and store it inside a variable.

This will wait for input from you the user and then sets the value for the name variable to the string that you enter.

For example if you specified your name as Linux Handbook when running the above script it would output Your name is Linux Handbook.


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