Valve Confirms Steam Deck Customers to Receive Their Devices Within 2022

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Valve’s Steam Deck has been a resounding success by any metric, providing an impressive mobile gaming experience at Valve’s first try. However, not all has been rosy: particularly for those customers that still haven’t been able to receive their Steam Deck order. It’s not just a demand problem; for a long while, Valve’s hands were tied in the number of Steam Decks they could actually put together, due to continuing electronics component shortages that followed the COVID-19 tech race – paired with logistics nightmares fueled by constant lockdowns and limited transport operations around the globe.

But customers still awaiting their Steam Deck can now take a slight more hopeful outlook, as the company has confirmed via Twitter that all outstanding Steam Deck orders will be fulfilled before year’s end. Through improvements to both logistics and manufacturing capacity, many of the reservations previously scheduled for 2Q2022 or later have been moved towards 3Q (July-September). All orders that weren’t moved to 3Q are now solidly in Q4, according to the company. Valve has also confirmed that new orders will also be scheduled for 4Q. Do count on a hard limit to how many Steam Decks Valve can fit within it, though, so if you really, really want a Steam Deck before year’s end, you better move fast.

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