Web of Trust, Part 1: Concept

Every day we rely on technologies who nobody can fully understand. Since well before the industrial revolution complex and challenging tasks required an approach that broke out the different parts into smaller scale tasks. Each resulting in specialized knowledge used in some parts of our lives leaving other parts to trust in skills that others had learned. This shared knowledge approach also applies to software. Even the most avid readers of this magazine will likely not compile and validate every piece of code they run. This is simply because the world of computers is itself also too big for one person to grasp. .

Still even though it is nearly impossible to understand everything that happens within your PC when you are using it that does not leave you blind and unprotected. FLOSS software shares trust giving protection to all users even if individual users cant grasp all parts in the system. This multi-part article will discuss how this 8216Web of Trust8217 works and how you can get involved.


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