What FlutterFire’s announcement means for Desktop Developers

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Excerpt below:

At Canonical, we love Flutter and we can’t stop talking about it. Our Flutter developers have been working on bringing support to desktop operating systems since July 2020.

This includes our new Ubuntu Desktop installer, built with Flutter, which will be the default user journey in our upcoming 22.04 LTS release. (If you want to see how it’s coming along you can test it out here.)

Continuing our Flutter journey, we recently partnered with Invertase to bring FlutterFire support to Desktop and Dart. In this blog post, we’ll go over what Flutter’s Firebase announcement means for desktop developers, how to get started with Flutter on Desktop, and where to go to keep an eye on this exciting project!

Okay, but what is FlutterFire?

FlutterFire is a set of official plugins that connect your Flutter application to various Firebase services. Firebase is a collection of tools that provide common services such as analytics, authentication, databases, and push messaging, amongst many other things.

These tools allow developers to leverage common functionality in their Flutter applications, saving development time and effort.

As part of Flutter 2.8, most of these Firebase plugins have now moved from Beta to Stable quality for Android, iOS, web and macOS platforms. This means developers can leverage these services across their target platforms with the confidence that they’ll all ‘just work’. This frees up time for them to focus on the things that make their app


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