What is PPA Purge? How to Use it in Ubuntu and other Debian-based Distributions?

PPA is a popular method of installing additional applications or newer versions of a software in Ubuntu.

I have written a detailed guide on PPA so I will just quickly recall it here. PPA is a mechanism developed by Ubuntu to enable developers to provide their own repositories. When you add a PPA you add additional repository to your system and thus you can download applications from this additional repository.

I have also written about deleting PPAs from your system. I briefly mentioned the PPA Purge tool in that article. In this tutorial you8217ll get more detailed information about this handy utility.

PPA Purge is a command line tool that disables a PPA repository from your software sources list. Apart from that it reverts the system back to official Ubuntu packages. This is a different behavior than simply deleting the PPA repository.


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