What WebRTC means for you

If I told you that two weeks ago IETF and W3C finally published the standards for WebRTC your response would probably be to ask what all those acronyms were. Read on to find out.

Widely available high quality videoconferencing is one of the real successes of the Internet. The idea of videoconferencing is of course old go watch that scene in 2001 where Heywood Floyd makes a video call to his family on a Bell videophone but until fairly recently it required specialized equipment or at least downloading specialized software. Simply put WebRTC is videoconferencing VC in a Web browser with no download you just go to a Web site and make a call. Most of the major VC services have a WebRTC version this includes Google Meet Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams plus a whole bunch of smaller players.

WebRTC isn8217t a complete videoconferencing system it8217s a set of tools built in to the browser that take care of many of the hard pieces of building a VC system so that you don8217t have to. This includes.


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