Debian is a preferred choice of millions of Linux users for some of the most popular and powerful operating systems like Ubuntu and its derivatives are based on Debian.

Debian 11 has finally been released finally after a long development work of two years. Bullseye thats the name given to this latest Debian Linux distro. So what are the updates and upgrades In this article lets check out whats new in Debian 11.

Debian supports a good range of hardware architectures.

Debian 11 supports the Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS. Debian 10 Buster the earlier version to Debian 11 used Linux Kernel 4.19 while released. A newer kernel means a new set of bug fixes new hardware support and improved performance.

This is the perfect kernel for Debian bullseye considering the Debian lifecycle.

exFAT is the shortened form of the Extensible File Allocation Table. Its a filesystem used for flash memory such as SD cards and USB flash drives.


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