What’s new in Fedora Workstation 34

Fedora Workstation 34 is the latest version of our leading-edge operating system and this time there are major improvements heading your way. Best of all you can download it from the official website. Whats new I hear you asknbsp Well lets get to it.

GNOME 40 is a major update to the GNOME desktop which Fedora community members played a key role in designing and implementing so you can be sure that the needs of Fedora users were taken into account.

The first thing you notice as you log into the GNOME 40 desktop is that you are now taken directly to a redesigned overview screen. You will notice that the dash bar has moved to the bottom of the screen. Another major change to GNOME 40 is the virtual work spaces are now horizontal which brings GNOME more in line with most other desktops out there and should thus make getting used to GNOME and Fedora easier for new users.


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