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Why should you contribute your news?

Contributing is one of the best ways to promote a website. This technique has been used for decades now, and yet it is still very effective in 2020. But, this strategy can make or break your rankings depending on its application

A news website is one of the best places to publish your blog. This is because such sites always have massive amounts of targeted traffic. If you write quality content, then your post is going to get lots of hits, and many people will follow your blog too.

Let us look at more advantages of guest blogging on news websites.

1. Backlink

Backlinks help in increasing the Authority of your site. Besides, Google considers a website with many quality backlinks as a trusted source. Hence it ranks such websites higher on the SERPs.

A single backlink is enough for one post. Inserting more links will trigger negative signs of the algorithms. If this happens, Google will consider your website as spam. The best way to get more backlinks is by writing more guest posts.

2. Exposure to targeted traffic

News websites always have targeted traffic. For example, if the news is about Linux, then 90% of the readers will be interested in that topic. Targeted traffic is the best since it involves people that love your content.

Do not publish your blog to a website that is not related to your content. This is because Google will see it as spam content, and you will end up losing your rankings.

 3. Frequent content crawling

A site that receives frequent blog updates is crawled many times by search crawlers. If you want your site to receive such crawls, then you need to publish it on a news website. Google loves fresh content, so the crawlers keep coming back for more content. Frequent content crawling puts your website in a better place in the search rankings.

4. Authority

Your blog gets more Authority by linking with high-quality news sites. An authoritative site can rank high on competitive keywords. If your blog is not authoritative enough, then you have to settle for the less competitive keywords.

It’s hard for a blog to get loyal subscribers with a small authority. Even if you have great offers, converting the audience to customers won’t be easy. People trust brands and not offers. Contributing to the news site proves your information source credibility.

5. Ranking

Getting a higher ranking for your blog is a guarantee because news sites provide great quality backlinks. Apart from the backlinks, guest posting also increases your social sharing and following.

Nothing can go wrong for guest posting as long as you do it the right way. Publish quality content, and the rest will follow eventually. Also, don’t forget that your content needs to be related to your target news site and relevant

6. Grow your social media following

Apart from gaining social media shares, guest blogging on news sites is also a great way to add your follower count. Adding your follower count from organic traffic is a great advantage. Sometimes algorithms consider them as a good sign for good content

Authoritative blogs will vouch for your brand after you publish your content. Some of their followers might follow your website, as well. This way they will follow you keenly waiting for more updates or even buying the services that you offer.

7. Generate qualified leads

News sites get traffic that is interested in reading certain topics. If your website contains relevant content, then you will reap a lot. Visitors who will find your blog through your guest post might be potential leads.

Therefore, you must link related content. That way, the traffic that will read your content will be interested in the services that you offer.

8. Best content marketing strategy

The best way to market your content is by publishing it on a news website. These sites usually have a huge following. So if you post your content there, more people will see it. What follows next is high traffic because of the audience.

Content marketing is as important as creating the content itself. You should spend 20% of your time writing the content and spend at least 80% trying to market it. You do this because more than 2 million blog posts are published every day. And, only a few of them get read, and the difference lies in content marketing.
You can publish very nice content, but no one will ever see it without proper content marketing. Publishing on the news site is among the best techniques for content marketing.

9. Get more social media shares

Since more people will read your content, the social media shares are going to increase too. These shares are important because more and more people will be able to read your posts. When people share your content, and it goes viral, then your social stats is going to increase. Besides, your traffic is going to shoot p and probably get more potential leads, subscribers, or social media followers.

10. Expand your Network

Collaborating with other websites helps you to expand your network. Connecting to online influencers use to be a hard task, but now guest posting has made everything easy. The more you contribute to such blogs, the more you will get popularity. Some will even end p contributing to your website.

Final thoughts

Guest posting is very important as it can improve your rankings. However, it would help if you did it the right way to avoid being penalized. News websites such as are updated frequently meaning that Google crawlers come back frequently to check on new content. Once you publish your blog on this site, then the crawlers will end up crawling your site as well. Other advantages, such as increasing Authority, social media stats, and quality leads, will follow next.